The 5 Best Womens Snowboards

shallow focus photography of multicolored snowboard

There are quite a few womens snowboards on the market, which can make things tricky when you’re looking to purchase a new board. We’ve made your search easy by collecting the five best women’s snowboards into one handy list. Read on to learn more about the best snowboards for women.

Jones Stratos

The Jones Stratos is a great board for intermediate to advanced riders. It provides the stiffness these riders crave for maximum control. However, the stiffness of this board means that it may not be the best choice for beginners. Beginning boarders should instead the consider the Burton Stylus (scroll down for more details about this board).

Rossignol Myth

The Rossignol Myth is a good board for intermediate or beginning boarders. It is relatively soft, which makes it very forgiving. The Myth also has a beautiful, eye-catching design. It is composed of environmentally harvested wood.

K2 First Lite

The K2 First Lite is perfect for female boarders who have just picked up the hobby. It is soft and flexible to make riding easier. It has a twin design, which means that it is symmetrical. Twin designs make boards easier to ride for novice boarders.

Capita Birds of a Feather

The Capita Birds of a Feather is a premium board made for serious riders. Its medium-stiff flex means that is suited for boarders with an intermediate or advanced skill level. The board features a striking depiction of two birds of prey fighting in mid-air.

Best Womens Snowboards for Beginners: Burton Stylus

The Burton Stylus is our pick for beginning snowboarders. It is quite soft, making it very easy to ride. It is also reasonably priced, making it perfect for women who are just trying out the sport. Its symmetrical twin design makes snowboarding as easy as possible.

Take Your Pick of the Best Womens Snowboards Today

Now that you know which womens snowboards are the best, it’s time for you to get your board. Make sure to consider your skill level when purchasing a board. A board intended for beginners will be much easier to ride than one made for elite boarders. Get your womens snowboard today.

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