The 5 Best Putters for Beginners

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There aren’t many lists available of the best putters for beginners, so we’ve decided to create our own. It is just as important for beginners to use the best putters for high handicappers as it is for them to use the right drivers. While golf instructors seem to rarely talk about mishitting putts, it is certainly possible and even common for high handicappers. A mishit putt can go off-line in much the same way as a mishit drive or iron shot. This means that beginning golfers need to use very forgiving putters for the best results, just as they need to use very forgiving drivers. Read on to learn more about the best putters for beginners.

TaylorMade Truss TM 2

The TaylorMade Truss TM 2 is one of a new breed of putters that combine mallet and blade designs into a hybrid shape. The Truss TM 2 is one of the most forgiving putters on the market today. It provides the control of a blade and the stability of a mallet. This makes it an appealing choice for both beginners and elite players. Dustin Johnson has even used this model at times.

Cobra King Agera

The Cobra King Agera has an aggressive and eye-catching mallet design. Its large squarish clubhead offers a high level of forgiveness for off-center hits. The Agera was designed with cutting-edge 3D printing technology to maximize performance.

Best Putters for Beginners On a Budget: MacGregor MacTec X 003

The MacGregor MacTec X 003 is a very good putter at an even better price. It offers excellent performance with a traditional mallet look. Golf clubs can be expensive, especially drivers and putters. One of the best ways to find a deal is to look for clubs made by reputable manufacturers (such as MacGregor) that aren’t quite as well-known.

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham has a long and strange name that suits the putter’s unwieldy clubhead. If you prefer putters with a more traditional look and feel, this model isn’t for you. However, it’s a good choice if you prioritize performance over look and feel. The large clubhead provides not only impressive forgiveness but also a silky smooth roll.

Cleveland Frontline Elevado

The Cleveland Frontline Elevado features tungsten weights in the clubface to increase forgiveness. The center of the face has a grooved insert that gets the ball rolling smoothly. This putter is available with either a slant or a single-bend hosel.

Choose One of the Best Putters for Beginners Today

Now that you know which putters to consider, it’s time to choose one and try it out on the course. As choosing a putter is heavily based on your personal taste, you really need to try out a few to find one that suits your game. Get your new putter today and start shooting lower scores.

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