What happened to the Intertops sportsbook?

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Intertops Sportsbook founded in 1983. This makes it one of the oldest online sportsbooks, if not the oldest outright. It originally took bets over the phone. Intertops took their first bet over the Internet in 1996. Since then, the company became known as one of the most trustworthy online sports books in the industry. However, searching for Intertops now returns results for Everygame. This is because Intertops recently changed its name to Everygame after 25 years online. Read on to learn more.

Intertops is Now Everygame

On December 1, 2021, Intertops rebranded as Everygame. The decision came as a surprise to many. Even Intertops affiliates were not given much notice. Many wondered why the company would move away from the trusted Intertops brand. However, Intertops was starting to look a little stale and its design needed to be modernized. The company decided to go all in with the Everygame rebrand to underscore their more modern look.

New Look, Same Services as the Intertops Sportsbook

While the Everygame website and branding look very different than the old Intertops branding, the company offers essentially the same services. It is important to note that Everygame does not have different owners. As the company said themselves, it was simply a rebrand. Everygame still offers a sports book, casino games, and poker.

Everygame Now Offers a More Modern Experience

In addition to the new look, the Everygame platform was also modernized. There are now many new casino games to fit the tastes of gamblers in 2022. The site also has a more efficient digital infrastructure, which improves performance. Finally, Everygame even introduced a live sports betting platform.

Start Betting On the Intertops Sportsbook (Now Everygame)

Now that you know that Everygame is actually a trusted and legitimate company, start betting through their platform today. Everygame has been trusted by sports bettors for decades, and now their platform is better than ever. Try sports betting on Everygame today.

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