The Five Best Women’s Hockey Skates

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There are plenty of women who play hockey, both professionally and just for fun. The Premier Hockey League is the professional women’s hockey league in the United States and Canada. Hockey is a fun sport for anyone who enjoys it. However, it is important that any women playing hockey have the right hockey skates. Here are the five best women’s hockey skates for recreational use available today.

Alexis Boa

The Alexis Boa ice skates are great for female hockey players. These skates have a number of excellent features. One of the features that they have is a K2 soft boot. This keeps your feet comfortable while also providing your feet with plenty of stability.

The Alexis Boa ice skates include the Boa closure system, which allows you to put these skates on and take them off easily without removing your gloves. The Boa closure system lets you adjust your skates easily while you are wearing them without the need to remove your gloves, as well. This closure system makes these skates quite convenient for female hockey players.

The K2 soft boot also looks good, as well. The Alexis ICE Black skates are also made of water-repellent materials so that your feet stay dry while you play hockey. The blade on these skates is made of stainless steel, so it resists corrosion and wear well. These women’s hockey skates are an excellent chance for any recreational female hockey player.

The Bladerunner Ice Is One of the Top Women’s Hockey Skates

This is another good choice for recreational female hockey players. You can take the Bladerunner Ice skates on and off easily for maximum convenience. They also have padded lining so your feet are cushioned and warm while you skate. This also helps you skate for longer periods of time. The lace closure, powerstrap, and cuff buckle give you a precise fit and support your feet well. The blades of the skates include toe picks so that the blade keeps its edge for longer.

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Skates

These are another good type of recreational skates. They include a nylon tongue and a nylon upper portion. The Jackson Ultima Softec Sport skates come in a stylish white and blue color. You also get a leisure blade attached to them. They come in many sizes, too.

The Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Skates Are Excellent Women’s Hockey Skates

Jackson Ultima also offers the Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe skates. These skates come in five different colors: lime, purple, pink, orange, and blue. You can also adjust the size of the skates. This can come in handy if a child is wearing them. The soft boot gives you excellent support and keeps your feet comfortable.

F.I.T. Black Blue Skates

K2 also makes the F.I.T. Black Blue skates, as well. These provide you with many of the features that the Alexis ICE skates do, like a stainless steel blade and a K2 soft boot. The stability plus cuff gives you support while decreasing the weight of the skates. The F.I.T. Black Blue skates are an excellent pair of women’s hockey skates.

Female Hockey Players Have Many Options for Skates

Any of the five skates mentioned above will work well for you if you are a female hockey player. They are all comfortable and offer good support for your feet. As a result, it really comes down to personal preference and price. You can enjoy the ice today with one of these great skates.

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