The 5 Best CCM Hockey Skates

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CCM hockey skates are known for their performance and durability. CCM makes a wide variety of quality hockey skates, ranging from skates for juniors to models for elite adult players. The company even offers high-quality roller hockey skates. Read on to learn more about CCM’s leading lineup of hockey skates.

Super Tacks 9350

The CCM Super Tacks 9350 is among the best-known and most popular hockey skates on the market. It combines durability and performance at a low price point. These unisex skates are good for forwards, defenders, and even goalkeepers.

RBZ 80

The RBZ 80 is a great choice if you need quality youth hockey skates on a budget. They are similar to the premium youth Jetspeed FT360 skates. These skates are very light, making them ideal for wingers and other players who rely on their speed.

Best CCM Hockey Skates for Youth Players: Jetspeed FT360

The Jetspeed FT360 are widely recognized as one of the premium youth hockey skates. These skates have a bottom vent for quick dry times and moisture release, but also include an Anatomical Response foot bed that provides contoured support for players’ feet. Like the RBZ 80 skates, the Jetspeed FT360 skates are best for players who prioritize speed.

Best CCM Hockey Skates for Roller Hockey: Super Tacks 9350 Inline Roller

CCM even makes hockey skates for roller hockey. The Super Tacks 9350 Inline Roller is the best skate for serious roller hockey players. These skates are almost identical to the ice hockey version (except for the wheels, obviously).

Tacks 9050

The Tacks 9050 is a junior ice hockey skate made for recreational players. It will last a long time because it’s constructed out of durable materials . The Tacks 9050 also has a comfortable microfiber liner that dries in minutes.

Get Your CCM Skates Today

Now that you know which CCM hockey skates are best for your needs, buy your skates today. You will see an immediate improvement in your performance on the ice when you put on a high-quality pair of skates. Take your hockey game to the next level with CCM skates.

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