“Taking the Points” – Sports Betting Terms

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If you’ve been around other sports bettors, you’ve likely heard them talking about “taking the points.” “Taking the points” refers to betting on an underdog to beat the spread. It is one of the most common types of bets placed by “sharps” (expert sports bettors). This is because there is often value to be found when betting on an underdog to beat the spread. Taking the points can be a very lucrative strategy when properly employed, but it can also lead to undisciplined bettors losing a lot of money. Read on to learn more about when this bet works and when it doesn’t work.

When Taking the Points is a Good Idea

Taking the points is an especially effective strategy in live betting. For example, if a favorite takes an early lead by just a few points in a basketball game, the spread will often increase dramatically. Sharps will be able to spot when the live spread increases by too much. This happens relatively often, as the other live bettors frequently ascribe too much importance to the early part of a game. Of course, their bets influence the spread.

When Taking the Points is a Bad Idea

Taking the points may not always be the best bet on an underdog. When you are considering placing a bet on an underdog, you should evaluate both the spread and the moneyline. Even if you spot a spread that you think the underdog can beat, check the moneyline for the game. If the spread is off, the moneyline may be off by even more. If you blindly bet on an underdog to beat the spread, you may miss a more lucrative moneyline bet.

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