The Five Best Rossignol Skis

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Skiing is a popular past time, especially for those with easy access to ski resorts. However, it is important to ensure that you have the proper skis so you can enjoy your skiing experience. Of course, high-quality skis help keep you safe on the slopes, as well. Here are the five best Rossignol skis available today.

2021 BC 65 Positrack Cross-Country Skis

There are many great skis you can buy and these are one of them. The 2021 Rossignol BC 65 skis are high-quality skis with several great features. These skis include a positive base structure so that it is easy to glide and kick in every snow condition. The Activ Cap feature combines supple flex and torsional rigidity for stability in all conditions. Thanks to the full-length steel edges, you can enjoy better control and edge grip when skiing downhill. These skis are durable yet lightweight because of the air channels and wood air core.

Rossignol 2021 Black OPS Dreamer JR Skis

You can find many high-quality skis for women on the market. The Rossignol 2021 Black OPS Dreamer JR skis are one such type of skis for women. These skis only weigh 7.5 pounds, so they are easy to carry around and transport. You get an extended core with these skis. This core helps the skis be agile and let you ski down the slopes at your own pace. The poplar wood core keeps these skis lightweight, too.

EVO OT 65 IFP Positrack XC Skis

If you’re looking for highly maneuverable skis, the Rossignol EVO OT 65 skis might be right for you. These skis come in two sizes, a 185-centimeter size and a 195-centimeter size. In either case, you can maneuver these skis with ease. This shorter size means that you enjoy greater control and maneuverability. It also makes them easier to use. The partial steel edges give you both lightweight glide and edge control.

Rossignol EVO XT 55 Positrack XC Skis

Another pair of top-notch skis is the Rossignol EVO XT 55 Positrack XC skis. You can also buy these in two sizes, either a 175-centimeter version or a 195-centimeter version. These wood skis only weigh 15 pounds, too. The core of these skis is made of LDC wood and these skis feature an extended edge. This extended edge gives you more stability when you are skiing at high speeds.

Rossignol Blackops Smasher Skis

These skis are a good choice if you want skis that you can steer easily. The Rossignol Blackops Smasher skis are available in five different sizes: 140 centimeters, 150 centimeters, 160 centimeters, 170 centimeters, and 180 centimeters. The centered sidecut gives you increased maneuverability so you can steer the skis more easily. Additionally, the medium pop factor means you enjoy balanced stability when traveling at high speeds and a lively rebound, too. These skis include a poplar wood core which reduces weight and increases stability and flex.

You Can Select Many High-Quality Rossignol Skis

Rossignol is a top manufacturer of skis, so you can choose from a number of their high-quality skis. These are just five of the best skis they offer. You should consider size, weight, maneuverability, and more when buying a pair of skis. Regardless, any of these skis is a great choice and you are sure to enjoy skiing with them.

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