The Five Best Youth Baseball Helmets

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Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Major League Baseball attracts plenty of viewers across its long season. However, plenty of kids play baseball in the US, too. It is important that these kids have good baseball helmets to use. Here are the five best youth baseball helmets.

Easton Alpha Baseball Batting Helmet Is One of the Top Youth Baseball Helmets

You can find many great baseball helmets for kids on the market. The Easton Alpha Baseball batting helmet is an excellent baseball helmet for kids. You can get this helmet in medium/large or large/extra large size. The shell of the helmet is made out of ABS thermoplastic so your child receives maximum head protection. The helmet’s liner consists of dual-density foam and this provides comfort in addition to shock absorption. This helmet also has a BioDri fabric liner that gives your child better comfort and dryness by absorbing moisture.

EvoShield XVT Baseball Batting Helmet

The EvoShield XVT baseball batting helmet is another high-quality baseball helmet for kids. This helmet comes in two different finishes, a matte finish and a high gloss finish. You can also buy it in three sizes: small/medium, large/x-large, and youth. This helmet includes dual-density padding made up of fully-wrapped ear pads and compression-molded pads. The EvoShield XVT baseball helmet features a low-profile shell for a better fit. You can get this helmet in six colors: white, charcoal, black, royal blue, scarlet, and navy blue.

Rawlings R16 Reversible EXT Matte Batting Helmet

One more top-notch baseball helmet for kids is the Rawlings R16 Reversible EXT Matte Batting Helmet. This helmet includes heat exchange ventilation that circulates cool air and release heat via the helmet’s venting system. Wrapped jaw pads make the fit better and the helmet more comfortable for your child. The extension piece is also reversible, meaning that left-handed batters and right-handed batters can adjust it as necessary. All this makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for youth baseball helmets.

The Rawlings COOLFLO Batting Helmet Is A Great Option for Youth Baseball Helmets

If you want a baseball helmet with excellent circulation for kids, the Rawlings COOLFLO Batting Helmet is a fantastic choice. This helmet includes Rawlings COOLFLO tech that comes with 15 individual air vents. These vents help keep the wearer cool and dry. This helmet is durable since it is made out of foam and molded ABS plastic. You can buy this helmet in black or scarlet red.

MACH Matte Batting Helmet

This is another very good baseball helmet for kids by Rawlings. The MACH Matte Batting Helmet comes with an extension flap for increased protection. Additionally, this helmet also includes optimal ventilation and a low-profile design. The padding is high-performance IMPAX padding so it provides first-rate shock absorption and force dispersion.

You Can Choose from Many Exceptional Youth Baseball Helmets

You have quite a few options if you are looking for quality baseball helmets for kids. Many of them provide good protection and are comfortable. Some do provide better ventilation than others. In any case, if you buy any of the five helmets in this article, you are sure to get a top-notch youth baseball helmet.

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