The 5 Best Wilson Footballs

Football Player with one of the Wilson footballs in his grasp.

If you’re looking for a high-quality football, Wilson footballs are the way to go. Wilson makes some of the highest quality footballs on the market. Their product line runs from high-tech composite footballs to traditional premium leather footballs. Read on to learn more about the best footballs made by Wilson.

Wilson Footballs: The Duke

Wilson’s top-of-the-line model is called “The Duke.” It is a miniaturized version of the ball used in the NFL. The slightly smaller size makes it easy for players of all ages to use.

The Best Wilson Footballs for Youth Players: Wilson TDJ

The Wilson TDJ is a high-quality ball aimed at young players 9-12 years old. It is made out of composite leather for comfort and durability. This ball has a smaller size to make it easier for young players to handle.

Wilson GST Leather

The Wilson GST comes in two versions: leather and composite. The leather version is slightly more expensive, but it provides a premium feel that the composite version can’t match. It also has a slightly different look, with silver trim instead of gold.

Wilson TDY Official Composite Football

The Wilson TDY official composite football is perfect for lovers of a composite football. Most balls are now composites, as you likely know. As a result, you can still feel like you’re enjoying a more realistic experience with this ball. This is a good football for kids ages 11-14.

Wilson GST Composite

The Wilson GST Composite is very similar to the leather version. It is more durable, though some players prefer the feel of the leather version. This model comes with gold trim, rather than silver trim. It is available in both youth and adult sizes.

Get Your Wilson Football Today

If you want a premium football that’ll last for years, go with a Wilson ball. All you have to is decide which ball suits your playing style and make your choice. Get your Wilson football today.

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