The 5 Best Hockey Nets

red and white hockey goal

Serious hockey players need to have their own net to practice on. This will allow you to put in the hours necessary to become great players. Even if you don’t have your own patch of ice to practice on, you can still set the net up and work on your shooting techniques. However, you have to select a net that will stand up to the hard work you’re going to put in. This means that you will need to select one of the best hockey nets on the market. We’ve put five of the best nets in this list to make this easy for you. Read on to learn more.

EZGoal Hockey Folding Pro Goal

The EZGoal Folding Pro Goal is a popular and affordable model. It folds up for easy storage and transportation. This model has red 2-inch pipes with white netting.

Franklin Street Hockey Goal

The Franklin Street Hockey Goal is a durable and affordable net designed specifically for street hockey. This allows you to practice all year, even when the local water is not iced over. This goal can also be adapted for ice.

EZGoal Monster

The EZGoal Monster is the most durable hockey goal available. It comes in a regulation-size design. However, the netting and pipes are thicker and stronger than the material used in most goals.

The Best Hockey Nets for Training: EZGoal Folding Hockey Training Goal

If you plan on doing drills, you need to get a goal that includes training aids. The EZGoal Training Goal package includes a “goalie,” a net, and even a backstop. This will allow you to work on your shot without having to chase after pucks.

Winnwell ProForm

The Winnwell ProForm is a premium model made out of the highest-quality materials. This net is a great choice if price is no object. Otherwise, it could be a little pricey.

Choose One of These Hockey Nets Today

Any one of these hockey nets would be a great choice. Pick the one the suits your personal preferences and practice methods. Get your hockey net and start improving today.

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