Everything You Need to Know About Nike Cycling Shoes

person riding a mountain bike

Nike cycling shoes are considered to be some of the best on the market. Many professional cyclists use Nike shoes. Nike makes one flagship model of cycling shoes, the SuperRep. The SuperRep comes in both men’s and women’s designs. Read on to learn more about Nike’s cycling shoes.

Men’s SuperRep

The Nike Men’s SuperRep is an indoor cycling shoe. It’s useful for outdoor cycling. However, it would be best to choose a shoe specifically designed for this style. This shoe is breathable and comfortable. It has a fabric upper and a foam sole. Cleats are sold separately. The Men’s SuperRep is available in several cool colorways, ranging from blue and orange and black and white to black and silver.

While many indoor cyclists wear the SuperRep when competing in a velodrome, it is also compatible with exercise bikes. Many riders who use the Peloton system like the SuperRep because of its durability and light weight. It also works well for other exercise bikes, as it protects the rider’s feet from stress injuries.

Women’s SuperRep

Nike makes both male and female products for the majority of sports, including cycling. The Women’s SuperRep shoes have a very similar design to the men’s shoes. However, they are sized to fit women’s feet. This ensures a far greater level of comfort for female riders than that provided by unisex shoes.

The women’s SuperRep also comes in several unique colorways. The Green Glow and Dark Smoke Gray colorway commonly seen in women’s Nike products. This show is also available in an understated black and red colorway.

Get Your Nike Cycling Shoes Today

Now that you know everything there is to know about Nike’s cycling shoes, it’s time to pick a pair of your own. The SuperRep comes in many bold and beautiful colorways. Get your Nike cycling shoes today.

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