The 3 Best Jordan Golf Shoes

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Jordan offers far more than just basketball shoes. The brand has long since expanded into other sports, including golf. Jordan offers a wide range of golf products, including golf shoes. Jordan golf shoes are generally intended to look like their iconic basketball shoe designs. Read on to learn more about Jordan golf shoes.

Jordan 1 Low Golf Shoe

The Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic basketball shoes of all time, so it should come as no surprise that the brand offers a golf shoe version. This shoe looks just like the Jordan 1 Low, one of the most iconic variants of this shoe. This model is spike-less, which means that it relies on its treads to provide traction.

Best Jordan Golf Shoes for Players on a Budget: Jordan ADG 2

If you’re looking to buy high-quality shoes on a budget, getting the previous year’s model is always a good idea. The Jordan ADG 2 shoes may not be the newest model, but they still look great and perform well. These shoes are also spike-less. They include a heel tab so that you can easily pull them on.

Jordan ADG 3

The Jordan ADG 3 is one of the brand’s newest golf shoe models. This shoe is designed to look very similar to the Jordan 4 basketball shoe. As with all other golf shoes from the brand, they are spike-less. These shoes feature an external heel counter to stabilize your foot during your swing. They even have a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot to make it easier for you to push off your back foot during your swing.

Get Your Jordan Golf Shoes Today

Any of three models listed in this article would elevate your game and your look. Choosing a pair is simply a matter of personal preference. Pick your Jordan golf shoes today.

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