The 5 Best Wilson Baseball Gloves

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Wilson baseball gloves have been popular among professionals and recreational players alike for decades. This shows no signs of changing any time in the foreseeable future, as Wilson’s current lineup of gloves is very impressive. The brand makes gloves for each position on the diamond to ensure optimal performance. Read on to learn more about the best Wilson baseball gloves.

Wilson A2K 1721 Infield

The Wilson A2K 1721 Infield is the infield version of the brand’s iconic A2000 glove. This glove comes in a 12-inch size to make catching tricky ground balls much easier. It comes in a bold copper and black colorway with white trim.

Wilson A2K 1725 Outfield

The Wilson A2K 1725 Outfield is very similar to the infield version, but it does have a few key differences. It is slightly larger, as it measures in at 12.75 inches. It also has a different basket design that makes catching fly balls easier.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin First Base Glove

Not all brands make a glove specifically for first basemen, but Wilson does. Their A2000 SuperSkin first base glove clocks in at 12.5 inches. It is available in a left hand throw model, as most first basemen are left-handed.

Wilson A2000 Miguel Cabrera

If you’re a fan of Miguel Cabrera, the A2000 Miguel Cabrera is the glove for you. Of course, it is simply an excellent first base glove, no matter who your favorite player is. This glove comes in the bold navy and orange colorway favored by Cabrera.

Best Lightweight Wilson Baseball Gloves: Wilson A1500 YAK

The Wilson A1500 YAK is one of the most unique baseball gloves on the market. It is made out of lightweight and strong yak leather. This glove is also available at an extremely affordable price.

Choose From These Wilson Baseball Gloves Today

When choosing one of these gloves, make sure to choose a glove that is intended for your position. If you aren’t sure exactly where you’ll play, you can always choose a general infield glove or a general outfield glove. Elevate your game today with your Wilson baseball glove.

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