Lew’s Fishing Rods: The Best Combos

person holding black fishing rod near lake during daytime

Lew’s fishing rods are known for being some of the best in the bass fishing world. Their “Mach” line of combos is often seen in the biggest bass fishing tournaments. Lew’s also has other lesser-known rods that will still help you catch quite a few bass. Read on to learn more about the best bass fishing rod and reel combos offered by Lew’s.

Mach Smash Baitcast

The Mach Smash is a great fishing rod, and the baitcast version is the most popular. The Mach Smash features a super-low profile (SLP) frame that makes it as user-friendly as a push-button rod. However, the baitcaster version is far more versatile. Also, you won’t find many spincast rods made out of graphite, which is what the Mach Smash is made of.

Lew’s Mach 2 Combo

The Lew’s Mach 2 is a high-quality rod that is popular among the top professional bass fishermen today. Most of these anglers use the baitcast version, which is also the version that we recommend for recreational anglers. This rod features an upgraded frame that is super low-profile and that makes reeling in that ten-pounder quick and easy.

Mach Crush Baitcast

The Mach Crush Baitcast is great for anglers who prefer a heavier rod. This rod is seven feet long and is made from heavy-duty granite. It has a bold orange color scheme that will turn heads from across the pond.

Best Lew’s Fishing Rods on a Budget: American Hero

The American Hero is a great combo for a serious bass angler on a budget. This graphite rod has a digital camo paint scheme. It has a smooth six-bearing reel.

Mach 1 Baitcast

The Mach 1 Baitcast is another great choice for a serious angler on a tight budget. It may not be as new as the Mach 2, but it offers 90% of the features at a seriously reduced price. Its eight-bearing reel is nearly as smooth as the Mach 2’s 10-bearing reel.

Get Your Lew’s Fishing Rods Today

When purchasing a combo rod, make sure to consider your fishing style and the environment that you usually fish in. While any of these rods will help you catch bass in all locations, each rod is best for a specific environment. Choose the right Lew’s fishing rods today.

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