The 5 Best Bear Archery Bows

white and brown composite bow

Bear Archery is one of the most storied bow manufacturers in the business. They are known both for their hunting bows and for their training bows. There are so many great Bear bows that it can be difficult to identify the best models. We’ve made things easy for you with our list. Read on to learn more about the best Bear Archery bows.

Kodiak Magnum

The Bear Kodiak Magnum is the brand’s most famous recurve. It’s made out of fiberglass. The available draw weights range from 35 to 45 pounds.


The Bear Kuma may not be quite as well-known as the Kodiak Magnum, but it is a popular bow. Unlike the Kodiak Magnum, it is a compound bow. The Kuma is made out of aluminum. This gives the perfect blend of lightness and strength.

The Best Bear Archery Bundle: Fred Bear Legit RTH Package

The Bear Fred Bear Legit RTH package includes a D-loop, a peep sight, a whisker biscuit, a quiver, a 4-pin sight, a release, broadheads, inserts, field points, and even arrows. This package provides you with everything you need to get started. The Legit bow weighs less than four pounds. Also, it can accommodate draw lengths from 14 to 30 inches.

Super Grizzly Recurve

The Bear Super Grizzly Recurve is a hunting recurve intended for big game. It has a draw weight of 45 pounds. Its risers are high-quality wood.


The Bear Cheyenne is a hunting recurve bow. Its risers are a composite of maple wood and fiberglass. This bow has a draw weight of 45 pounds, making it ideal for hunting most game animals.

Get Your Bear Archery Bows Today

The sooner you get your Bear Archery bow, the sooner you can start taking more animals. Take a good look at each bow and familiarize yourself with its draw length, draw weight, and the other important details. Once you’ve determined which one you want, get your bow and elevate your hunting skills.

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