The 5 Best True Temper Golf Shafts

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True Temper golf shafts have been the gold standard in the golf industry for many years, and this is still the case. The company is best-known for its iron and wedge shafts. Also, many irons and wedges come from the factory with True Temper shafts. If your irons and wedges do not, you can easily install your own True Temper shafts. Read on to learn more about the best True Temper shafts.

True Temper Dynamic Gold

True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are perhaps the most iconic iron shafts in the game. These shafts have undergone many updates over the years to ensure top-notch performance. These iron shafts are made out of steel, not graphite.

Best True Temper Golf Shafts for Elite Players: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

The True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts may seem similar to the standard Dynamic Gold Shafts, but they are actually very different. These shafts provide a lower and more penetrating ball flight. This is great for very good players, but not ideal for the average amateur.

True Temper AMT Black S300

The True Temper AMT Black S300 shafts are intended for players with high swing speeds. They come in a stiff flex, which helps powerful players achieve a penetrating ball flight. In short, these shafts work well with any irons on the market.

True Temper AMT Red R300

The True Temper AMT Red R300 shafts are intended for average golfers. They come in regular flex to suit slower swing speeds. These shafts are intended to provide a high ball flight.

True Temper Elevate 95 VSS R300

The True Temper Elevate 95 VSS R300 shafts are ideal for a wide range of golfers. These shafts come in regular flex. Finally, they feature proprietary technology that dampens vibration from mishits.

Get Your True Temper Golf Shafts Today

Shoot lower scores with True Temper golf shafts. Make sure that you get the right shafts for your swing speed and clubs, and you’ll definitely see results. Get your True Temper shafts today.

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