The Heat Agree to Tyler Herro Extension

herro extension

The Miami Heat recently signed Tyler Herro to a four-year contract extension which is worth $130 million. A total of $120 million is guaranteed and various incentives can bring its value up to $130 million. Herro is coming off a season where he averaged 21 PPG and won 6th Man of the Year. Here is why I like that the Heat signed Herro to a contract extension now. 

The Herro Extension Eliminates A Possible Distraction

The Heat is looking to win its first NBA championship since 2013. The Heat have come close to winning the title in recent seasons but came up short last season. Signing Herro to a contract extension now means the prospect of Herro’s restricted free agency won’t be a distraction for the team. This is beneficial on two levels.

First, Herro is one of the Heat’s best players, and keeping him happy is essential for the team’s success. Despite a poor postseason last season, Herro was one of the main reasons why the Heat finished first in the East in the regular season. Herro can absolutely carry his offensive impact over into the playoffs and the Heat will need him to do so to make a championship run.

Second, it demonstrates the Heat’s loyalty to Herro. We’ve seen other organizations hesitate to sign recent first-round picks to contract extensions. Most recently, the Suns did so with Ayton, only matching Indiana’s offer sheet to him. Behaving this way shows that the organization has some reservations about the player’s ability to live up to such a contract. Signing Herro to a lucrative extension now illustrates that the Heat believes in his ability to repay their investment in him. 

It Wards Off Interest from Other NBA Teams

If Herro had reached restricted free agency, there is no doubt in my mind that other teams would have pursued him. He is a young player with explosive offensive ability and limitless confidence coupled with a fantastic work ethic. Many teams would love to have such a player. However, with the Heat signing Herro to this extension, other teams will not be able to try to tempt Herro away from Miami in restricted free agency. 

It Allows the Heat to Focus on Other Roster Moves

It is likely that the Heat will make some moves to shake up their roster between now and the trade deadline. With this Herro extension out of the way, the Heat can concentrate their roster-building elsewhere. The most likely position the Heat will want to upgrade is at power forward, where the options are not ideal for a team wanting to contend for the championship. In any case, the Heat can focus their attention on making other moves instead of worrying about Herro’s impending restricted free agency. 

The Heat Made the Right Call with the Herro Extension

Tyler Herro’s extension is more expensive than I’d anticipated, but I think it is the right move nonetheless. Herro is a critical part of the Heat’s present and future aspirations. This extension reflects that fact. I would feel comfortable betting on the Heat to be a top-4 team in the East and on Herro making another jump as a player this season. 

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