Nikola Jovic’s Fit in the Miami Heat Rotation

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The Heat’s preseason is now over and they are now gearing up for the beginning of the 2022-23 NBA season. One of the most impressive players in the Heat’s preseason was Nikola Jovic. Given that, it is important to discuss how he fits into the Miami Heat rotation. Let’s dive into this topic.

Will Nikola Jovic Be a Starter in the Miami Heat Rotation?

Nikola Jovic showed off his skills on both sides of the floor during the Heat’s preseason. His shooting looks good, his passing is impressive, and he seems more impactful defensively than some might have expected. That being said, I think it is quite unlikely that Jovic is in the starting lineup.

There are some questions about who will be in the Heat’s starting lineup. More specifically, these questions surround which players will be the starting forwards for the Miami Heat. It seems like some combination of Jimmy Butler, Caleb Martin, or possibly Max Strus will form part of the Heat’s starting five. Given this and the fact that Jovic is a rookie, I’d say it’s unlikely he will be a starter.

Will Jovic Be a Regular Bench Player in the Heat’s Rotation?

The Heat have a good amount of depth and that is why players will be competing just for spots in the Heat’s bench unit. Strus, Oladipo, and Gabe Vincent all seem likely to be part of this bench unit. However, what about the Heat’s newest rookie, Nikola Jovic?

I think Jovic will get a decent amount of minutes off the bench. His passing, shooting, and defensive impact could all help him play a part in the Heat’s bench unit. It is possible that Jovic will get some minutes with some of the Heat’s starters, but he will likely primarily have a role off the bench in his rookie season.

Will Nikola Jovic Feature in the Heat’s Closing Lineups?

Another important question to answer is whether or not Jovic will be part of the Heat’s closing lineups on a regular basis. Last season, we saw Herro feature in these closing lineups, although he rarely featured in the Heat’s starting lineups. When it comes to Jovic, I think it will depend on the situation.

If the game is close, Jovic might not feature in these lineups, at least at first. I think he will have to gain Spoelstra’s trust before being included in the Heat’s closing lineups. Caleb Martin will likely be the other forward alongside Jimmy Butler in the Heat’s closing lineups during close games.

However, if the game is a blowout, I think Jovic could feature in the closing lineup. After all, the Heat do value player development and Jovic needs a spot in the Miami Heat rotation to develop. Additionally, giving Jovic minutes in these situations allows him to play without too much pressure. It seems like a good scenario for him.

It’ll Be Interesting to See Nikola Jovic’s Place in the Miami Heat Rotation

Jovic definitely seems to be an interesting prospect with plenty of potential. As a result, it will be interesting to see how he fits into the Heat’s rotation. I do think he will get a decent amount of minutes over the course of the season. I would bet that the Heat are a top-4 team in the East next season and I think Jovic will contribute to their success.

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