Heat Game 1 Review: Heat Fall to Bulls

heat game review

The Heat began the 2022-23 NBA season by hosting the Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, the Heat lost 116-108 and drop to 0-1 in the season so far. Let’s get into the Heat game 1 review of Heat vs. Bulls in the season opener.

Heat Game 1 Review: The Heat Struggled with Turnovers

One common theme that we have seen throughout the past couple of seasons is that the Heat struggle overall in games when they have too many turnovers. This was certainly the case against the Chicago Bulls on opening night. The Heat committed 19 turnovers compared to 16 for the Bulls. This not only prevents the Heat from scoring, but it nullifies the Heat’s half-court defense as well.

Moving forward, the Heat will have to limit their turnovers in order to win games. Bam had five turnovers and Gabe Vincent had four turnovers. Lowry also had three turnovers, though he did contribute four assists. It will have to be a team effort in order to limit the turnovers and help the Heat stay on track offensively and defensively.

The Heat Didn’t Slow Down Demar DeRozan

Another reason the Heat lost this game is that they let DeRozan score 37 points. DeRozan is clearly the best player on the Chicago Bulls at the moment, but the Heat have to do a better job of defending against him. One part of that is keeping him off the free-throw line.

Demar scored seven of his 37 points at the free-throw line and he attempted 11 free-throws in the game. The Heat had foul trouble in this game, with Bam, Lowry, and Dedmon all having at least four fouls or more. The Heat have to slow down DeRozan more effectively and they have to be more disciplined about not fouling while they do so.

The Heat Had a Terrible Third Quarter

The Heat also fell apart in the third quarter, being outscored 37-27. Given the fact that the score was tied at halftime, the Heat couldn’t afford such a bad third quarter performance. We’ve seen the Heat struggle in the third quarter in previous seasons. Hopefully, the Heat can address this issue so that it does not cost them even more games.

Heat Game 1 Review: Tyler Herro Played Well

Tyler Herro was one of the few positives in this Miami Heat performance. He scored an efficient 23 points, going 8-15 from the field and 3-4 at the free-throw line. It was good to see Herro play well and look as confident as ever. Herro also had six rebounds and an assist to go along with his 23 points.

The Heat Have to Bounce Back Against the Celtics

The Heat need to perform much better and get a win on Friday against the Celtics. The Heat cannot afford to go on a losing streak to begin the season. I think it’s a safe bet that the Heat will play better, but that needs to come in a win.

Check back in next week for more Miami Heat content.

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