Clippers Could Help Heat Acquire Lillard | Heat Off-Season Companion Part 5

heat off-season companion part 5
Heat Off-Season Companion Part 5. Credit to Tom Hagerty. Edited. License.

Our Heat off-season companion article covers the Clippers emerging as a potential third team in a Lillard trade. Meanwhile, the Heat might sign Christian Wood and Orlando Robinson excelled in Summer League. Let’s get right into it.

Heat Off-Season Companion Part 5: The Clippers Might Take on Herro as Part of a Damian Lillard Trade

It is quite likely that a third team will have to be involved for Damian Lillard to be traded to the Heat. The Spurs and the Nets are the two teams that have been mentioned. However, the Clippers are reportedly interested in being the third team in a Damian Lillard trade now.

According to reports, the Clippers are willing to trade first-round picks if it means they can end up with Herro. This does seem strange. Herro’s fit on the Clippers doesn’t appear clear. Additionally, the Clippers don’t have many assets to trade, anyway.

This is a surprising development. We will see what happens. It appears more likely that the Nets or the Spurs will be the third team in a Lillard trade to the Heat. However, the Heat are also looking to sign Christian Wood to add further depth.

Heat Off-Season Companion Part 5: The Heat Could Sign Christian Wood

Despite the general lack of free agents at this point, the Heat are still looking to add depth to the team. One notable free agent that is still available is Christian Wood. The Bulls and the Lakers are also reportedly interested in signing him.

Christian Wood does have his defensive limitations. However, he adds scoring, shooting, rebounding, and size to any team he joins. Given this fact, the Heat would benefit from signing him, if possible. It is likely that the Heat will revisit signing Christian Wood after completing a Damian Lillard trade. Hopefully, Wood is still available at that point.

Orlando Robinson Excelled in Summer League

The Heat’s Summer League campaign is now over. One player that played well in Summer League is Orlando Robinson. Robinson is another player that could contribute to the Heat next season.

Orlando Robinson adds size and rebounding to the Heat if he joins the Heat. Robinson could likely prove to be a serviceable center for the Heat off the bench. If Robinson does join the Heat, hopefully he contributes to the team’s success next season.

The Heat Continue to Work on a Lillard Trade

As of the time of this writing, the negotiations for a Damian Lillard trade to the Heat are still ongoing. It is ideal if the Heat can complete the trade as soon as possible. I would bet that Damian Lillard will be part of the Heat before next season.

Check back next week for more Miami Heat content.

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