Heat and Blazers to Resume Trade Talks Soon | Heat Off-Season Companion Part 10

heat off-season companion part 10
Heat Off-Season Companion Part 10. Credit to James Schumacher on Flickr. Edited. License.

The Heat and Blazers are set to resume Damian Lillard trade talks soon as training camp approaches. Ideally, this will lead to a breakthrough in negotiations between the two teams. The Heat also want to sign Kelly Oubre if they can trade for Lillard. Let’s dive deeper into these topics.

Heat Off-Season Companion Part 10: Heat and Blazers to Resume Trade Talks Soon

Unfortunately, little progress has been made on a Damian Lillard trade between the Blazers and the Heat. This is due to the Blazers holding up the process. All reports indicate that.

However, trade talks between the Heat and the Blazers will resume soon, according to reports. NBA training camp is coming up soon. As a result, the Blazers likely want a resolution to the Lillard trade saga sooner rather than later.

The Heat want a resolution to the situation, as well. Because of this, a breakthrough in the trade discussions between the two teams is possible. A third team will likely have to participate to make the trade happen.

Regardless, this is good news and will hopefully lead to more positive developments on the Lillard trade front.

The Heat Want to Sign Kelly Oubre After Trading for Lillard

It is no secret that the Heat’s other off-season moves have been put on hold due to their attempts to trade for Damian Lillard. However, some rumors about these other moves are circulating. One rumor claims that the Heat want to sign Kelly Oubre after trading for Lillard.

This is an interesting rumor. Oubre is a good player who can shoot, defend, and he is athletic. Some advanced metrics paint him in a more negative light, though.

Regardless, Oubre would be a good bench option for the Heat. The Heat might see Oubre as a replacement for Caleb Martin if they have to give up Martin to get Lillard.

Preseason Will Start for the Miami Heat in a Few Weeks

The Heat play their first preseason game in a few weeks. Ideally, the Heat will have at least made progress on trading for Lillard by then. It is a good bet that the Heat will win most of their preseason games, given the schedule.

Check back next week for more Miami Heat content.

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