Heat and Blazers at Impasse | Heat Off-Season Companion Part 16

heat off-season companion part 16
Heat Off-Season Companion Part 16. Credit to Frenchieinportland. Edited. License.

The Heat and Blazers continue to discuss a potential Damian Lillard trade, but the negotiations seem to be at a deadlock. The Blazers want all of the Heat’s assets and the Heat do not want to give up that much. Also, Ted Ballard of the Miami Heat’s broadcasting team won an award. Let’s dive deeper into all of this.

Heat Off-Season Companion Part 16: The Blazers Want Every Asset The Heat Have

According to reports, the Portland Trailblazers want the Heat to ’empty out all of their assets’ in order to acquire Damian Lillard. It seems that the Blazers want too much for Lillard. Additionally, other reports indicate that the Blazers are unimpressed by trade offers from teams other than the Heat.

Because of this, the Blazers have no leverage to force the Heat to give up too much for Lillard. The Heat do not really have to worry about an offer from another team at this point. As a result, the Blazers are unlikely to receive all of the Heat’s assets.

This means that the Heat and Blazers will have to reach a compromise when it comes to the Lillard trade situation, more than likely. It is likely that this will happen. Keeping Lillard isn’t really an option for the Blazers and the other teams’ offers haven’t impressed them.

The Blazers will likely have to more seriously consider the Heat’s offer now. We will see what happens. Hopefully, there is a positive development in the Damian Lillard trade situation soon.

Ted Ballard Won The 2023 Todd Harris Spirit Award

The Miami Heat have received many accolades and they now have another one. The Heat’s broadcasting team is one of the best in the NBA. The two commentators, Eric Reid and John Crotty, are both excellent and well-liked by more than just Heat fans.

Ted Ballard is the Vice President and Executive Director of Miami Heat Broadcasting. Ballard has just won the 2023 Todd Harris Spirit Award. This award recognizes a broadcaster or executive who is the ultimate team player and inspires people to make every day brighter.

It is great to see a member of the Heat’s broadcasting department receive this award.

Training Camp for the Heat Starts in Roughly Two Weeks

The Heat begin training camp for the 2023-24 NBA season on October 3rd. That is now less than two weeks away. Ideally, the Heat and Blazers will move forward with a Lillard trade soon. It is a good bet that Lillard will be a member of the Heat by the time the regular season starts.

Check back next week for more Miami Heat content.

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