Game 5 Reaction: Heat’s Offense Sputters in Loss

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My Game 5 Reaction as the Heat Face 3-2 Deficit

The Heat lost game 5 93-80 and now face a 3-2 deficit in the Eastern Conference Finals as the series heads back to Boston. The game started off decently for the Heat and they even had the lead at halftime. However, the Heat fell apart in the third quarter and lost. With Jimmy struggling and dealing with nagging injuries, it doesn’t look good for Miami in this series. Let’s go over what went wrong as we go through my game 5 reaction.

Game 5 Reaction: Lowry Was Scoreless

The Heat traded for Kyle Lowry in the 2021 off-season with the hope that he could bolster their offense. For the most part, he has done just that. Lowry has even had some good games in this series, but this was not one of them. Lowry scored 0 points in this game 5 loss. The Heat needed him to take on some of the scoring burden in this game and he failed to deliver. Lowry has played well overall for the Heat this season, but this was definitely his worst game as part of the Heat.

The Heat Shot 32% From the Field

The Heat’s offense struggled mightily in this game. The Celtics were the best defensive team in the league in the regular season, but 32% from the field is horrendous from Miami nonetheless. Lowry contributed to this low field goal percentage (without even scoring a single point) and Jimmy struggled with only 13 points. The Heat will have to find some answers offensively if they want to win this series.

The Heat Shot 15% from 3

The Heat shot terribly from 3 in this game, only hitting 15% of their 3s. The Heat were the best three-point shooting team in the NBA during the regular season. This incredibly low percentage was shocking and the Heat have to turn this around to win this series.

The Heat Must Win Game 6 in Boston

The Heat now have to win game 6 in Boston in order to force a game 7. This will be quite challenging, especially given how well the Celtics play at home. The Heat have only won once in Boston in this series. It’s do or die time for the Heat going into game 6. Bet on the Heat to win game 6 if you’re feeling bold.

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