Would Colin Sexton Fit in with the Miami Heat?

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It is now early August and that generally means that it is a less active part of the NBA off-season. However, the Miami Heat have been linked with Colin Sexton multiple times. Sexton would add more offense to the Miami Heat. Let’s get into how Sexton would fit in with the Heat.

Colin Sexton Would Add Scoring and Playmaking to the Heat

Colin Sexton only played in 11 games last season due to injury. However, prior to that in the 2020-21 season, Sexton averaged 24.3 points and 4.4 assists in 60 games. It is clear that Sexton is a skilled scorer and playmaker, based on his numbers.

Additionally, with the Heat, Sexton would likely have more opportunities to score and make plays. The Heat have several other high-level scorers, primarily Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Tyler Herro. This decreased defensive attention on Sexton could also improve his field goal percentage. 

Colin Sexton Is A Defensive Liability

Speaking of defense, it has never been Colin Sexton’s strong suit. Sexton does average nearly a steal per game in his NBA career. However, Sexton’s size and questionable effort on defense mean that he is not a very good defender overall. His career defensive rating of 118.8 is certainly not too impressive. Sexton would have to improve on defense to fit in well with the Miami Heat. 

Colin Sexton Is Also A Pretty Good Playmaker

Colin Sexton also has some playmaking skills, too. You can see this from his career average of 3.3 assists per game. However, Sexton is not an elite playmaker and is typically not the lead playmaker on the team. Still, this playmaking could prove useful to the Miami Heat if they decided to trade for him. 

What Would a Colin Sexton Trade Look Like?

The Heat would likely include Duncan Robinson along with perhaps a second-round pick and maybe some salary filler to complete this deal. Sexton is currently a restricted free agent this off-season since the Cavaliers extended him a $7.23 million Qualifying Offer. However, it seems likely the Heat could make this trade happen if they wanted to trade for Sexton. 

Colin Sexton Would Be An Interesting Fit

Colin Sexton on the Heat would certainly be interesting. The Heat’s links with Sexton do make some kind of sense. However, his defensive deficiencies along with his status as a restricted free agent make this potential deal more complicated. Maybe you would bet on the Heat to win more games if they had Sexton. In any case, check back in next week for more Miami Heat content. 

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