What Are the Miami Heat’s Power Forward Options?

The 2022-23 NBA season is a little more than a month away. With that in mind, it does seem like the Heat need to figure out what to do at the power forward position. Let’s get into the Miami Heat’s power forward options. 

miami heat's power forward options

Start Jimmy Butler at Power Forward

This is the simplest out of the Miami Heat’s power forward options. The Heat could simply shift their starting lineup a bit and play Jimmy at the 4 instead of at the 3. Doing so means that the Heat would not need to make a move for a starting power forward.

However, I don’t believe that this is the best option. Jimmy could play the 4 just fine, but that means the starting lineup is weaker since it would include Max Strus or Caleb Martin. Strus and Martin are both good players. That being said, it may be best to keep them in a bench role. 

Miami Heat’s Power Forward Options: Trade for a Power Forward

Trading for a power forward seems to be a likely option for the Miami Heat. The Heat do seem to have a hole at the 4 and trading for a power forward could resolve that issue. There are a number of power forwards that the Heat could acquire to insert into their starting lineup. 

John Collins is one power forward that has been discussed. He could certainly fit alongside Bam on offense due to his ability to shoot 3s and his ability to finish at the basket. However, Collins has never been a very good defender. Additionally, Collins is in the second year of a contract that will pay him more than $20 million a season every year for the next three seasons. After that, Collins has a $26.6 million player option for the 2025-26 season. 

Collins could improve the Heat. However, given his contract and limitations on defense, the fit isn’t perfect. Another player that has been in trade rumors for multiple seasons is Myles Turner. 

Defensively, Turner fits much better alongside Bam than Collins. Turner is a very good shot-blocker and his perimeter defense is good, too. However, his fit on offense is not as seamless, though Turner can shoot 3s fairly well. Additionally, Turner is on an expiring contract and apparently wants a contract in excess of $20 million per season.

Harrison Barnes is another option. Barnes is on an $18 million expiring contract. Offensively, he definitely fits alongside Bam with his shooting and scoring. Despite this, Barnes has regressed a bit on the defensive end in recent years. That could be a concern. 

The Heat could also try to acquire Jae Crowder. Crowder played an important role in the Heat reaching the 2020 NBA Finals during his lone season with the team. Crowder is also on an expiring contract. The Heat trading for Crowder could work as a short-term solution, as long as the Heat don’t trade away a first-round pick in exchange for Crowder. 

Miami Heat’s Power Forward Options: Play Caleb Martin at Power Forward

The Heat could also keep Jimmy Butler at the 3 and insert Caleb Martin into the starting lineup at the 4. Martin fits alongside Bam on both ends of the floor, since he can shoot 3s and is a solid defender. However, Martin would certainly be an undersized power forward.

Teams with larger power forwards could take advantage of Miami’s lack of size at the 4. This is the biggest concern when it comes to starting Martin at the 4. However, it is one option the Heat could explore. 

The Heat Have Several Options at Power Forward

The Heat could go a number of different routes when it comes to their power-forward situation. Personally, I would prefer for the Heat to trade for a power forward. We will have to wait and see what the Heat do. Making a good trade for a solid power forward could make betting on the Heat to win the 2023 NBA title a safer bet. Check back in next week for more Miami Heat content. 

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