2022 NBA Draft: What Will the Heat Do With Their 27th Pick?

2022 NBA draft

The 2022 NBA Draft is only a little more than a week away. It will take place on June 23, 2022. After a few years without first-round picks, the Heat do have their own first-round pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. However, there is plenty of speculation as to whether they will keep this pick or trade it on draft night. Let’s delve deeper into what the Heat might do with their 27th pick in this year’s draft.

2022 NBA Draft: Will The Heat Trade The 27th Pick?

After a good albeit slightly disappointing season, the Heat are looking to make improvements this off-season. This could very well mean trading their 27th pick on draft night. One player that the Heat are seemingly interested in is the Utah Jazz’s star guard, Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell is still under contract with the Utah Jazz until 2026.

As a result of this, the Jazz do not have to worry about losing Mitchell in free agency for nothing any time soon. However, the Jazz have failed to reach the Western Conference Finals since drafting Mitchell in 2017. Furthermore, Jazz head coach Quinn Snyder recently resigned and reports indicate that Mitchell was ‘unsettled’ by this news. This could mean that Mitchell is considering the possibility of playing for a new team soon.

A package of Herro, Robinson, the 27th pick, other first-round picks, and other players for salary cap purposes seems fairly reasonable. However, in this case, it is unlikely that the Heat would hesitate to give up the 27th pick. The Heat would most likely seek to keep Herro if possible.

Could The Heat Trade for Zach Lavine?

Zach Lavine is another player that could interest the Heat. Like Mitchell, he would certainly improve the Heat’s offense. Lavine is also much better than Mitchell on defense. However, the biggest factor in the Heat’s favor in a potential trade is that Zach Lavine will be unrestricted free agent in the 2022 NBA off-season.

If the Bulls cannot convince Lavine to re-sign, they will be highly motivated to complete a sign-and-trade to avoid losing him for nothing. Lavine averaged 24 points on 39% shooting from 3 along with 5 rebounds, and 4 assists last season. The Bulls returned to the playoffs with a 46-36 record, but they lost to the Bucks in five games in the first round. The Heat could provide him with an opportunity to really compete for a championship next season.

What If The Heat Keep the 27th Pick?

Many Heat fans expect that the Heat will include the 27th pick in a trade for another star. However, there is always the possibility that the Heat will retain the pick and select a player in the 2022 NBA Draft. One player the Heat could select with this pick is Justin Lewis from Marquette University.

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler are two former Marquette players who have contributed quite a bit for the Heat. More than that, Lewis is a strong and quick wing player who defends his opponents well on the inside and on the perimeter. Lewis contests shots quite well and he is the type of versatile player that the Heat would love to acquire. Lewis also projects to be at least a serviceable shooter, so he could contribute offensively, as well.

The Heat’s interest in Justin Lewis is clear. He has already worked out for the Heat. If the Heat do keep their 27th pick in the upcoming draft, Justin Lewis is one player the Heat will likely seriously considering drafting.

The 2022 NBA Draft Is Only Eight Days Away

There is plenty of speculation about what the Heat will do with their 27th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. We have covered a few scenarios about what may happen with that pick. Check back in later for more discussion about the Heat’s potential activity in the 2022 NBA Draft as the draft continues to get closer.

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