Miami Heat Off-Season Moves and Rumors

Miami Heat Off-Season

The Miami Heat off-season began some time ago and now the Heat have made some moves. The Heat re-signed several players already. However, there are also rumors about the Heat trading for some prominent players. Let’s get into all of these Heat moves and rumors.

Miami Heat Off-season: PJ Tucker Signed with the 76ers

PJ Tucker was an important contributor for the Heat last season. His contributions on defense were especially important. However, he signed for the 76ers on a 3-year, $33 million contract. It is a bit unfortunate to lose him. However, given the fact that he’s already 37, it makes sense for the Heat not to offer him a contract like this. Paying him $11 million a season until he’s 40 doesn’t seem like a great idea.

The Heat Re-Signed Caleb Martin

The Heat did retain several players, as previously mentioned. One of those was Caleb Martin. Martin returns to the Heat on a 3-year, $20 million contract. Martin played well for the Heat last season as the backup small forward. This seems like a reasonable contract for him, so this is a good move for the Heat.

The Heat Re-Signed Victor Oladipo

The Heat also managed to re-sign Victor Oladipo. He agreed to remain with the Heat on a 2-year, $17 million contract. Oladipo was important for the Heat last season, particularly defensively. Oladipo also now has an off-season to work on his game instead of having to recover from injury. He could have a big season next season. This is also a good move for the Heat.

Miami Heat Off-season: Kevin Durant Trade Rumors

As you all know, Kevin Durant requested a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets this off-season. The Heat were one of his preferred destinations, reportedly. However, this trade seems unlikely to happen.

The Heat can’t trade Bam to the Nets since he’s on a rookie max unless the Nets trade away Ben Simmons in a deal. The Heat also don’t have many draft picks to offer in a potential Kevin Durant trade. As a result, it seems likely the Heat will make a different move this off-season.

The Jazz Are Listening to Donovan Mitchell Trades

Another player that’s on the Heat’s radar is Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell has not requested a trade, unlike Durant. However, the Jazz are reportedly listening to Donovan Mitchell trades. Mitchell is not at Durant’s level as a player, but he is still very good and quite a bit younger than Durant. It seems like the Heat would have a better chance of trading for Donovan Mitchell this off-season.

The Heat Have Not Made Big Moves Yet

So far, the Heat have only made minor moves in the off-season. However, this could certainly change, especially now that the Jazz are listening to trades for Donovan Mitchell. The Heat will also likely offer Tyler Herro a new contract. You might feel more confident betting on the Heat if they make a big move. Check back in next week for more Heat content.

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