Usyk vs. Joshua 2 Preview: Can Joshua Beat Usyk?

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As Usyk vs. Joshua 2 finally draws near, there is a debate raging among boxing fans about the potential outcome of the fight. As Usyk comfortably outboxed Joshua in the first match, most pundits and experts are predicting a similar outcome in the rematch. However, Joshua has shown he can learn from his mistakes and bounce back with a big win in a rematch. Read on to learn more about what Joshua needs to do to win and how Usyk could stop him – again.

What Joshua Needs to Do to Win

It’s no secret that Anthony Joshua possesses devastating knockout power in both hands. Though Usyk has shown he can take shots from heavyweights, Joshua could certainly score a spectacular knockout against the Ukrainian. The problem is actually hitting Usyk with these heavy blows.

Usyk is one of the slickest boxers in the heavier weight classes. His footwork, like that of compatriot Vasyl Lomachenko, is impeccable. He was able to avoid Joshua’s power shots in their first match without much trouble. So how can Joshua catch him?

Joshua needs to pressure Usyk effectively until Usyk is against the ropes or caught in a corner. To do so, Joshua must show a level of ring generalship and footwork far beyond what he displayed in the first fight. If Joshua is able to consistently trap Usyk, he’ll be able to damage Usyk badly with his powerful punches, perhaps even resulting in a stoppage.

How Usyk Can Remain On Top

If you watched the first fight, you already know what Usyk has to do. He needs to use his footwork and head movement to avoid Joshua’s power punches. Usyk must stick and move until Joshua starts to tire. When Joshua slows down, Usyk will be able to land big shots through the holes that open up in the English boxer’s guard.

Usyk has never been known as a knockout puncher, even during his time at cruiserweight. However, he nearly finished Joshua in the final round of their first fight due to an accumulation of damage. As Joshua’s chin has always been a question mark, Usyk may be able to get a stoppage in the last few rounds of the fight.

The Spoils of War: The Winner Could Get a Lucrative Undisputed Heavyweight Title Bout

Tyson Fury has claimed retirement and relinquished The Ring heavyweight belt. However, he remains the WBC champion. Many boxing experts feel that Fury’s retirement will not stick, especially when he’s presented with the chance to fight the winner of Usyk vs. Joshua 2 for the undisputed heavyweight crown. Such a fight would be among the most lucrative and prestigious in boxing history.

The winner of Joshua vs. Usyk 2 would be in line for a legacy-defining fight with a life-changing purse. The stakes are incredibly high, especially for Joshua. He was totally outclassed in the first fight, and a similar result would badly damage his reputation and legacy.

Our Usyk vs. Joshua 2 Prediction

Usyk’s supreme skills will be too much for Joshua to overcome, even if he’s worked on fixing the holes in his game and fights more intelligently than he did in the first fight. Usyk has a significant advantage in every aspect besides power, and he’s been able to avoid power shots from big punchers throughout his entire career. Joshua’s chin has always been questionable, and it’s only going to be getting worse as he ages and accumulates more damage.

Prediction: Usyk wins by 10th round TKO. Usyk winning by TKO is currently listed at +200 at Everygame, so it’s certainly worth a bet.

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