Do The Miami Heat Need to Make a Trade?

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Last season, the Miami Heat went 53-29 and finished first in the Eastern Conference standings. The Heat made it to the Eastern Conference Finals and narrowly lost a competitive seven-game series to the Boston Celtics. However, with PJ Tucker’s departure and other Eastern Conference teams making improvements to their rosters, it may be time for a Miami Heat trade. Let’s get into whether or not the Miami Heat needs to make a trade this off-season. 

What Are The Miami Heat Missing?

The Heat have a very good roster. They have good depth at nearly every position and their starting five still projects to be quite good. Despite this, the Heat could use an upgrade at either small forward or power forward, depending on which position Jimmy Butler plays next season. Otherwise, Caleb Martin or Max Strus could end up starting at either the 3 or the 4. Both of them are good players. However, getting a better player to insert into the starting lineup could improve the Heat’s chances of winning a championship next season. 

Who Is Available for Trade?

One player that seems to find himself in trade rumors nearly every off-season is Myles Turner. The Indiana Pacers are clearly in rebuild mode at this point. As a result, they may look to trade Turner for young players and/or draft picks to help their rebuild go more smoothly. Turner is a good player who can make 3s and defend well in the paint and on the perimeter. I think the Heat could make this trade happen based on the assets they have unless Indiana values Turner more highly than expected. 

Of course, Kevin Durant is the most high-profile player who wants to be traded this off-season. He recently had a meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai in order to expedite his exit from the Brooklyn Nets. However, while the Heat is supposedly one of Durant’s preferred destinations, I doubt the Heat will be able to pull off this deal. The Nets are reported to want Adebayo in any potential Durant trade and I think the chances of the Heat trading Adebayo are almost zero. 

There have also been some trade rumors surrounding the Hawks’ John Collins. However, it is unclear how concrete these rumors are and if the Hawks actually want to trade him. Collins would pose some challenges defensively, but he would definitely be an upgrade offensively on Max Strus or Caleb Martin. I think the Heat could have the assets to make this trade happen, but the uncertainty about Collins’ availability means this deal is less likely to happen. 

The Heat Could Make a Trade by the Trade Deadline

If I had to guess, I would say the Heat begin next season with their current roster. Their roster is largely the same as the one that nearly made the NBA Finals last season. However, if the Heat gets off to a slow start, I could see them making a trade to rectify that. Either way, I think it’s a safe bet that the Heat will be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference next season. Only time will tell if the Heat will choose to shake up their roster with a trade. Check back in next week for more Miami Heat content. 

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